Christian Web Design Services

Thank you so much for visiting my Christian Web Design Services page. My name is Jake Conway, and I’m a faithful believer in Christ and offer a discount on all Christian web design services. If you’re a non-profit or a church, I would love to speak with you about building a new church website or upgrading your current website. I believe that there’s a great need for ministry in the world today, and having the right tools can help us reach further into the community. People often search for churches in their area; having the right content and call to action available on your website will allow them to find you.

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church web design services
web design services for churches

Web Design Services For Ministry

Web design services for ministry have specific needs that other website designers may not understand. The ability to accept online tithes and offerings, the ability to offer small group enrollments, to incorporate live streams, and much more. Whether you’re an existing church or just starting up, I have the right solutions for your church website.

Church Website Platforms

church wordpress websiteI believe WordPress is the perfect church website platform. Why do I say this? In a statement from Matt Cutt’s (Former Google Spam Guru), he states that having a WordPress takes care of 80-90% of search engine optimization (SEO). This means when someone searches for churches or ministries in your area, they will find you quickly, and more connections will be established.

Christian Websites For Youth

If you have a specific website for youth groups or promote an upcoming event, please get in touch with me immediately. Camp enrollments, online giving, bible plans, and keeping parents informed about curriculums are a few examples of how a youth website can help your ministry. I can also build calendars that notify parents and members of upcoming events and even include registration and the ability to pay for costs online.

youth group website design

Christian Websites For Bible Study

Today’s generation is seeking more online connections than ever before. I can’t say I like it, but either way, it’s the way we’re headed. The ability to do online bible studies will allow your church members to attend from anywhere and at any time. In addition, we can combines signups along with Facebook live streams to offer online bible studies for your congregation. If a member can’t make it, no problem; the meeting can be recorded for later viewing.

Web Page Design For Churches

If a church or ministry already has a website but needs a single page, please contact me today! Sometimes you may want to add a new program, gallery, or a simple video page. I bill out by the hour and can easily create beautiful pages with images and content for your church or ministry. Maybe your church has an upcoming event, and you need to create a registration page; I would be happy to help with your ministry’s needs.

Web Hosting For Churches

Most churches and ministries won’t need a large amount of bandwidth for their hosting needs. I would recommend shared hosting from Bluehost. Their basic plan is affordably priced and includes a free SSL certificate. Other competitors charge up to $80.00 per year for the SSL certificate and are much higher in price. If you use email services, you will want to choose the mid-level plan that includes unlimited email space. If you are using a 3rd party service such as Yahoo, Gmail, or anything else, you can select the most basic plan they offer. If you have a large website with thousands of images or plan on live streaming, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about church web hosting services.

Web Pages For Churches Or Ministries

  • Website Pages For Your Church Website
  • New Visitor Sign Up Pages
  • About Our Church Pages
  • Tithes and Offering Pages
  • Church Merchandise Pages (Ecommece)
  • Church Directory Pages
  • Church News/Blog Page
  • Church Gallery/Media Pages
  • Contact Page/Directions and Hours of Service
  • Calendar For Events Pages
    Plus Much More!

If you have any questions regarding your church website or ministry website, please contact me right away! I offer low-cost church web design services and affordable ministry web design services. So let’s work together at spreading the gospel and creating a new place for visitors to feel at home!