Insane Traffic System

Hey I'm Jake and I’m a web nerd

I’m going to share some marketing tips with you that’ll hopefully earn you 10x more from your advertising efforts.  I can promise you that what most people know about internet marketing could fit under a baby’s toenail.  Most business owners default to extremely expensive marketing solutions such as PPC, Facebook ads, and expensive SEO programs without knowing that none of it will matter if you are missing one very important element.

The Problem Is Not What You Think it is

The problem isn’t PPC or other forms of paid advertising; the problem is the page that most of you are sending your prospects to.

What if I told you that marketing is only 25% of getting traffic and 75% is based on your page and your offer.   Most companies will setup a website, list all of their boring services, and then hope and pray that someone will fill out the contact form.  This is not marketing!  This is desperate business owners who have most likely done very little homework and are watching hundreds of visits turn into ashes instead of customers.  I see this problem with almost 70% of my website customers.

As a web nerd of 11 years and VP of marketing to 3 companies, I can promise you that you’re never going to get anywhere with a basic business card website.

Let me explain what I mean

Business owner A has a plumbing company in Juno Alaska

Business owner B also has a plumbing company in Juno Alaska

Let’s start with business owner A

Mr. A call’s a web designer and hires them to build a 5 page website with a contact form.  He then sets up an Adwords account with Google and places his keywords into his campaign and starts it up.  Mr. B does everything the same, only instead of his web guy building him a 5 page website; he builds him a lead generating system that gives something of value to the visitors.  This can be a how to guide, eBook, or contest offering a FREE top of the line toilet to the contest winner.  In this case, Mr. B finds the best toilet money can buy and builds a contest page to promote his contest.

Mr. A gets 100 visits to his website and 4 leads!  He paid $3.00 per click and spent $300.00 to obtain his 2 leads.

Mr. B gets 100 visits and 40 people sign up for his FREE toilet giveaway.  Mr. B received 40 leads from the same exact budget and as a result got 10x the business for the same exact effort.

Contest Will Cause A Marketing Campaign to Go Viral!

When I setup a marketing campaign for my customers, I build a system that will literally take your marketing efforts viral. A single visit to our offer will turn into 3 or 4 more visits without spending a penny more.  How do I do this?  It’s easy, once the contest is agreed on and the page is built, I will setup contest rules that offer contestants a change to increase their odds of winning by sharing the contest with friends and family, if a friend or family member signs up, they will get more entries into the contest thus leading to a higher chance of winning.

This method is not something I came up with, this is a method that most internet marketers know all too well.  It’s how we are able to sell more, get more sign ups and dominate any niche we touch.

Every campaign will attract those people who are obsessed with winning who will literally spend a whole day marketing your website for you!  Take a look on how traffic is multiplied with a contest.

Give them the motivation to share!

A lot of our customers, for example, leverage a mechanism that rewards people for sharing.

The reward could be a discount for anyone that shares with three friends or simply a contest “the most shares wins X”.The chance to win a prize shouldn’t be the only thing they’re getting in exchange for their email address and referrals.

Here is how I can help you!

I will setup a contest, create landing pages, and setup conversion tracking with Google analytics to monitor results.  I will run the contest and all leads will be sent to your inbox in real time!   I personally guarantee more sign ups, more leads and more referrals for your business.  Chat with me now on my website and ask me how I can get your lead system setup today!