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Michigan Web Design Services

Welcome to my website. I’m Jake and I’ve been providing Michigan web design services for over 11 years. First and foremost, I’m a freelancer, that means I work alone and charge much less than most companies. My services include SEO, Facebook Marketing, web design and Google Adwords.

Not All Websites Are Created Equally

Every website has different functionalities and is 100% unique. Some websites drive revenue through advertising and memberships, where other websites focus on phone calls and lead generation. You need to figure out what you’re trying to get from your web presence and build based on that foundation.

Your Website Will Include Basic SEO Services

It’s one thing to build someone a website and another to actually help them succeed after the website is launched. Think of it this way, a website without marketing is like throwing a business card in the middle of a desert and hoping you get a phone call.

I’ll help you to create local citations and get your company found in the search engines. It’s my job to ensure that my customers have a  head start and succeed online. If you have any questions about search engine marketing, please feel free to contact me anytime.


michigan web design services


Get A Website That Google Loves!

Google has an algorithm which they strictly follow to ensure their users get the best search results possible. When a search is done, Google will crawl through millions of search results and try to deliver the best results to you based on several factors. When I develop websites, I build them to rank on the first page of Google and as a result, sales and phone calls follow.

Types Of Websites

Out of thousands of different website platforms you can use, WordPress tops them all. Think about it, Almost every large website including Facebook and many others are powered by WordPress.  I Can build any of the following types of websites.

  • Small Business Websites
  • Social Website / Membership Websites
  • Online Directories
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Blogs / News Websites
  • Video Live Streaming Websites
  • E-commerce Websites


Built-in Google Analytics – Included With Every Website

Michigan Web DesignWhen you’re promoting your website, it’s important to know everything that’s going on with your traffic. What pages are people viewing the most, what’s your bounce rate? What’s the average time someone spends on the site? Where are they located? This information plays a critical role in understanding your prospects. I’ll install Google Analytics on your site allowing us to know what can be done to improve conversion rates. Conversion rates can be phone calls, sales or anything else you decide.


Hosting and Domain Information

If you already have hosting and a domain name, that’s awesome! I’ll work with you on transferring the files when completed. I’ll need Cpanel access or FTP access in order to transfer the information. If you don’t have hosting, I can provide it for you.


What I’ll Need From You

I’m going to need Information about your website that you’ll want people to see. If you hate writing and want nothing to do with it, I can help with that as well. I’m also going to need photos. You can save all of your files into a folder and compress the folder into a ZIP format. Once you do that, you can send everything by email to info@webdesignbyjake.com

To create a ZIP file, right click on the folder you wish to ZIP.  Hover over “Send to” and select the Compressed Zip folder option.  Please see the following illustrations below for help.


How Long Will The Process Take?

This all depends on many factors. What type of website do you need? What functionality do you need? Is this a social website or a small business website? A small business website normally takes 7-14 business days. If you need something more complex such as a video streaming website or social media site, it could take months. Most websites only take around 1 week for me to build. If you want speed, make sure that you get everything together within the time frame you want the site done. I’ve built many websites in just 4 – 5 days. It really depends on how quickly I get content and images.


What About Getting Traffic For My Website?

It all starts with building your brand. You purchase a domain and hosting in order to build the site. Once the website is finished, you create local citations with websites such as Google My Business, yelp, yellow pages and other directory sites. When you create a citation on these websites, your name, address and telephone number (NAT) are all indexed by the search engines. This is one way that your location is established and some trust is built.

Once we finish with your citations, I’ll create keyword rich phrases that directly connect your business to consumers via the search engines results page or (SERP)

We’ll use Google analytics to keep an eye on all activity and if you decide you want to keep working with me, I’ll stick around for years to come. We can work on lead generation and building a long lasting business relationship. For more information please call, text or email me at any time and I’ll explain everything.



Lead Generation – Gotta Make That Money!

OK so we can get them to the website, but can we get them to take action? Lead generation is a simple concept, you give something away in exchange for information. One thing I’ve told people to focus on is something they can offer (non-tangible) to prospects in order to obtain information. I highly recommend that you set up a MailChimp account and start a mailing list. The ROI on email marketing is 1300% and I’m going to explain why that is.

Let’s say 10 people visit your website. You are offering a FREE report on dog necklaces. From the 10 that visited the site, 3 of them fill out the information in order to download the FREE report. This gives you a 30% opt-in rate. That’s a fancy way of saying 3 people filled out your form. You can now market to those 3 people forever and ever until they become a customer. This is known as owning your traffic. If someone leaves your website without filling out the form you have almost no chance of ever seeing them again.


How Do I Get Started? I’m So Excited!

We need to have a conversation about your project. You can start by sending me a message or calling my phone. We’ll go over your goals, talk about content and go over details. Do you have a logo? What color scheme do you want? Do you want a scrolling banner with bold fonts or a simple site? You may need a blog so you can communicate your story to the world! Whatever the case, a website takes planning.

Michigan Web Design Services by Jake Conway