Web Design For Coffee Roasters

Web Design For Coffee Roasters

Web Design for Coffee Roasters

Do you need web design for coffee roasters?  I’m Jake and not only am I a web developer, but I’m also a marketing director for a commercial coffee roasting company.  When I build coffee roaster websites, I start by analyzing what my client’s objectives are. What are you trying to obtain by creating your coffee roaster website?

Do you need leads?  Are you selling coffee roasters or coffee roasting equipment?  Maybe you’re running a small town coffee shop in Montana and looking for online sales.  Whatever the reason, you have to determine what you’re objectives are.


Get Social Or Miss The Boat

In today’s fast-paced world, companies are able to target specific people with specific interest and deliver a message for around $5.00 per day.  When developing your coffee roasting website, it’s important to integrate social media into your site.  Social media is the easiest and most cost-effective way to take your product to market and with the proper strategy, it can send a surge of engaged shoppers to your website.


Coffee Roasting E-commerce Website

I use the most powerful e-commerce platform known to man.  Woocommerce has been used by over 1 million happy shops owners.  The best part about woo commerce is that it’s an open source platform.  The program is FREE and developers all over the world are constantly adding new functionality to it.

Types Of Coffee Roaster Websites


  • E-commerce websites (Online Stores)
  • Social Websites (Build Trust and Traffic)
  • Coffee Equipment Websites (Sell Coffee or Merchandise)
  • Web Design for Coffee Roasters

What is WordPress and Why Should You Use It?

WordPress is a content management system or (CMS) for short.  Wordpress allows you to quickly create and distribute content to the search engines as well as gain a following on popular social sites.  Wordpress has several different scripts that provide specific functionality to your website called “plugins” and you can use the plugins to do just about anything imaginable.  

Web Design For Coffee Roasters

WordPress Get's Ranked

In a video from Google’s chief algorithm guru (Matt Cutts), he states that by having a WordPress website you’ll cover 80-90% of search engine optimization.  This means that you’ll rank higher with the search engines and get FREE traffic.

Web Design For Coffee Roasters

Marketing Your Coffee Roasting Website

If you’re roasting coffee and looking to get your brand in the hands of eager coffee fanatics than Facebook’s a great fit.  If you wanna stand out from the crowd you’ll have to be creative and make engaging and exciting information.  The first 30 day’s you should plan on testing and gathering key information about your ad campaign.  Once you’re able to spend the $5.00 and make a profit, you’ll scale your business and start selling products by spending $10.00 per day and then $20.00 and so on.