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Website Design in Michigan – Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Website Designer

You jump on Google and search for “website design in Michigan” and find my website.  So, who am I? I’m Jake and I’ve been helping business owners in Michigan receive quality websites for 11 years.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

On average a website in Michigan can range from $1000.00 – $3500.00 for a freelance web developer or $5,000 – $25,000 from a website design agency.  If you’re paying less than $1000.00 for a website, you’re not dealing with a PRO.

Several Ways to Skin A Cat – No Not Literally!

There are so many variations to pricing websites. You have content, planning, meetings, emails, and phone calls. The process normally can range from 7 days to months depending on how big the site is and how many pages you’ll need. Also, consider custom programming for a particular functionality. If you need something created that no one else has, it could cost even more.

Website Design Shock


Basic Website Design Types

Personal Website Design
Photo Sharing Website Design
Writers / Authors Website Design
Community Building Website Design
Mobile Device Website Design
Blog Website Design
Informational Website Design
Small Business Website Design
E-commerce Website Design
Consultation Website Design

I specialize in WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress is a content management system or (CMS) This is how you control the distribution of content from your mind to the internet. You can create pages, blog posts, add images or video with just a few clicks. WordPress is an open source platform. This means that programmers and designers from all over the world are constantly adding new functionalities that’ll keep your website up to date even in the year 4500. No joke, it’s that awesome.

Website Design in Michigan



Why Use WordPress?

Google uses extremely complex algorithms to determine how websites will show up in its search engine. The science behind this algorithm is called search engine optimization or (SEO) Why is that important? In many cases, a number 1 ranking for a keyword or keyword phrase could mean 6 -7 figures in revenue.

I’m not saying that every industry can earn that much, however, I’m saying that if you want to dominate in your industry, you’ll need to show up in the search engines. Google’s former head of web spam, Matt Cutts, made a statement, he said “having WordPress will take care of 90% of SEO.

WordPress is used by some of the largest companies in the world to build their online brand. With that said, why wouldn’t you use WordPress?

Let’s Get Started -The Process Behind Website Design In Michigan

It Starts With Your Domain and Hosting

It’s critical that you find the right hosting plan to have a successful website experience. Having quality hosting will ensure efficient delivery of technology to your users. Many times, you’ll hear people complain about down websites or slow site speed. Google actually pays close attention to how fast your website loads and operates. Bad hosting can lower your rankings in the search engines and scare away potential buyers.

Make Sure You Get The Right Plan

Every hosting plan offers different benefits and functions and depending on the type of site you want, you’ll need to know what those options are and how they can help you. Make sure that if you’re hosting a large site, such as real estate property listing site or a video sharing site, that you select a plan with plenty of storage space and speed.

website design hosting

Basic Site Hosting (Shared Hosting)

Bluehost Bluehost is my number 1 pick for basic website hosting. With plan’s starting at $2.95 per month, it’s perfect for a small site. They have great customer service and almost no downtime!

Godaddy I love the fact you can call and talk to pros. I don’t know of any other hosting company that gives you access to real web nerds for FREE! I’ve been on the phone with these guys late at night and have nothing but great things to say about their customer service. they’re not the cheapest, but if you want good support, it’s the best choice.

Hostgator These guys will provide you with an incredible c-panel and they have pretty fair pricing. The one thing I didn’t like is the chat option. It seems like I had to wait a very long time before I was able to speak with someone. It’s still an awesome choice and very dependable.

website design hosting

High-Performance Hosting Companies

Liquid Web These guys have super fast and top-notch security. You can host up to 10 websites for around $99.99 per month. This is hosting I’d recommend for someone who’s trying to run a large and powerful website. You can increase as you go and as your website grows. This is my number 1 pick for large websites. If you’re into supporting Michigan based companies, this should be your pick.

WP- Engine This is a step down on pricing but not in quality. Over the years I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about WP engine. They offer lightning fast hosting with top notch customers service and have a reputation that’s spot on. Get started with them for around $35.00 per month.

Dream Host An excellent choice for WordPress sites without having to worry about plugin updates, backups, or security threats. This plan starts around $17.00 per month and is ideal for a website with plenty of images and information.

Domain Selection

If you haven’t selected a website name yet you can use and make sure it’s available. Search Now for the domain.

It really doesn’t matter where you get the domain name. I’d buy the domain with the same company I decided to host with. You don’t need the mess of having to go back and forth between 2 hosting companies. Once you decide what domain you want, you can order the hosting at the same time. Make sure to do a search for “coupon codes” or “special offers” followed by the hosting company you want to go with. You can almost always find at least 10% off by doing this.

Example: Search for “discounts” + “Bluehost” or “coupons” + “Hostgator”

search for domains


Warning! Super Important Please Read This Carefully

Once you register your domain it can take a few days before it’s ready. Make sure you buy the domain ASAP to secure it. Normally they are around $12.00 – $15.00 per year and you need to make sure you ask for an SSL certificate.

Google will penalize any website that does not have a valid SSL certificate. This update was made back in July of 2018 in order to offer Google users a more safe and secure way to browse the web. SSL will encrypt all data that’s coming and going from your website.

What I’ll Need From You


A website designer normally will need information about your company. We call this “content” and should include information that makes your company unique. If you don’t like writing, that’s OK! Most of my customers don’t have time for it. I can give you an estimate on content creation. Just ask me!


If you don’t have photos, we can use stock photos. These are photos that come with user rights. If you have photos and want to use them on the site, you can create a folder and send them to me VIA email or use Google Drive and upload them to your account. Once you do that, you can give me access by adding me as a user. I’ve also had customers put them on flash drives or send them by text. No matter how you do it, it needs to be done.

google drive


Website Contact Information

In order to build local citations and rank in Google. We’ll need to display your contact information on the website and in your local citation profiles. Please make sure I have your companies contact info. This is very important to build trust online.

Website Examples

Search the internet to get some ideas of how you want your website to look. Make a list of a few and email them to me. This gives me an idea of how you want the website to function and how the layout should be. Think about things such as colors and fonts etc.. and if you don’t want to think about it, I can come up with my own ideas. It’s what I do!

Michigan Website Design


Access to Your Hosting Account

I’ll start your website design project on my server. Once the site is done, I’ll need to upload it to your server or your hosting account. In order to do this, I’ll need your hosting login information or your c-panel login information. Once you sign up for the account, make sure to jot down what your credentials are. Sometime’s hosting companies also have a call in pin that you can give me in case I need to contact the hosting company on your behalf.


Access To PayPal or other Merchants

If you are building an e-commerce website or plan on charging credit cards online, I’ll need access to your merchant to set up the API on your website. Make sure that you take note of that. I’m going to need it before we test the process for a successful transaction.

Email Names and Passwords

Don’t ever use a FREE email account such as Gmail or Yahoo. It’s professional to have an email address with your websites name. You can use or and also because website forms use PHP to send, most emails with show up in people’s spam folders if you don’t use a valid email account.


How Can I Get Traffic My Website In Michigan?

Well, I have a website now, what next? How can I get more sales, signups or traffic to my new website? This is probably the most valuable part of building your site. I use local SEO strategies to help your website show up for keywords that generate calls, sales, and traffic.


Ok That’s Great, But How?

Let’s say you’re a commercial painting company located in Detroit Michigan. We’ll set up a radius in any direction you wish around the city of Detroit. Maybe you decide that your target audience is Novi Michigan or Brighton Michigan. No problem! We can target any city you want.

Keyword Research

Once we find the area’s you want to target, we can start doing keyword research. We’re going to determine what keywords can bring the most amount of targeted traffic to your website.

We can then create keyword phrases that include the cities that you want to rank for.

Example: If you’re selling women’s shoes in Detroit Michigan

You could use the title “women’s fitness shoes in Detroit Michigan” as a keyword phrase.

When people search for these keyword phrases they should find an incredible website filled with information. When you provide quality information, you get more traffic. The more you write, the more you’ll earn!

Keyword Research in Michigan


Business Lead Generation

Are you sick of having to pay $50.00 for a lead that gets shared with 3 other companies?  You should be! Google want’s it’s search engine to be filled with local businesses and people are sick of these lead generation companies. In one way, they are spam. I say that because the idea of 4 companies calling you and bagging you to meet with them is outright annoying. If you were a search engine and truly wanted people to find local companies, would you want lead generation websites to pop up and annoy your users?

Google is calling to you. Get your business online, we need you!

Build Your List

Lead generation starts with 1st and foremost providing website users quality content that gives answers to questions. Next, we can set up a MailChimp account and build your mailing list. MailChimp is FREE until you reach around 2000 subscribers.

website email marketing michigan


Here’s How It Works

We can offer discounts, coupons, or even free reports about your industry to entice users to join your mailing list. Once they sign up, you’ll be able to send them monthly newsletters in order to drive sales. Did I mention that the ROI on email marketing is 1600%? No questions asked you need email marketing!


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Need a graphic designer? Michigan University has an incredible graphic design program.

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Get Connected With Other Michigan Businesses

You can add your business to the Michigan Business Directory. It’s important to connect with other companies especially companies in your industry.


Free Guide From SBA of Michigan

If you are just starting your business you should check out the SBA Michigan’s guide to starting and operating a small business. This guide has great resources that can be helpful to new startups.

I hope you enjoyed the information from my post. You should have everything you need to start the process. Please contact me right away for website design pricing.

If you need help with marketing your website, I can help with that as well.

Talk to ya soon!


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